Shalem Kallimel

Shalem is a creative catalyst with a heart to see  humans thrive and artists flourish.  Before becoming director of Art for Change Shalem ran Made to Create, an Art for Change project that helps common folks find their creative gene as well as runs art workshops with destitute men and other vulnerable groups in New Delhi.  Ethnically from South India, born and raised in New Delhi, married to Kim from Northeast India, Shalem brings a gentle cross-cultural, bridge-building vibe to his leadership at Art for Change. 


Joshua Koodathinal John

Josh is a painter, biker, and networker extra-ordinairre, motivated by a love for both his city of Delhi and the high Himalayas.  Josh founded and runs Delhi's largest motorcycle group, and when he isn't painting or making himself useful otherwise, is making excuses to head out on long bike trips to the mountains.  Besides his own studio practice Josh is in charge of Art for Change's public engagement organizing exhibitions, studio tours, and other programming that takes art to the public.


Stefan Prakash Eicher

Stefan is an artist with an interest in seeing art ask questions about what it means to be human. Combining an MBA in International Development with an MFA in Visual Art Stefan helped found Art for Change as an exploration of the role art plays in shaping society for the good. Based in New Delhi with his family, Stefan was born and raised in India and is an Indian citizen. While pursuing his own studio practice Stefan plays a role of mentor and consultant at Art for Change.