The Art for Change International Artist Residency 2020

Two weeks that could last a life-time!

The Art for Change International Artist Residency is an intense 2-week opportunity for seven international artists to create and learn alongside seven Indian artists in a collective exploration of a particular theme. The residency ends with a gallery exhibition of works produced.  

The 7th Annual Art for Change International Artist Residency 2020 will be held in New Delhi from February 23 to March 8, 2020 on the theme “What to do with Difference? - Art and Artist as Bridge.” The Exhibition of works produced will run in a New Delhi gallery from March 7 to 12, 2020.

About the Theme

Diversity is built into the design of things, difference contributes beauty and complexity to life.  Yet ethnicity, politics, religion, and culture increasingly are the cause of profound divisions in our world.  What do we do with the things that set us apart?  
The Art for Change International Residency will explore the reality, challenges, aesthetics, and possibilities of ‘difference,’ in the artist’s life and in a local context—with global implications.  How does art make sense of difference?  What divides and connects us as human beings? What is the potential for art and artist as bridge?

A residency mentor guides a reflective process over daily cups of chai.


International! Located in New Delhi, India. Explores issues and ideas in a local context with a global relevance.

Inter-cultural! Seven international artists working alongside seven Indian artists, resulting in life-long learning and friendships.

Educational and Challenging! Emphasis on coming together as learners, collective exploration and creativity along a given theme. 

Professional! A competitive residency, run by established local arts organization, working with highly-skilled professional artists, ending with a professional gallery exhibition.

Purposeful! Requirement is to simply be yourself: an artist, open to learning, open to others. Everything else flows from that. Collectively we ask: What does it mean to be an artist? What does it mean to be human? How can art shape society for the common good?

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What Artists have to Say About it

“I believe my experience last year in India was one of the most profound experiences of my life and I am so very grateful for it.” - Kimberly Hocking, California, 2017 participant.

“I cannot say enough good things about the people in and associated with this residency. We were magic. We pushed and helped each other create honest and heartfelt works of art. I could be completely vulnerable with each person verbally and visually. Our impact on each other as a group continues today! I still keep in contact with most of the residence and I am making a vow to stay in contact with them.”  - Ash Robinson, Indianapolis, 2018 participant 

“Living and working alongside artists of so many different backgrounds, practices, and life stories provided pathways for growth in the way that I understand the world and our global art community.” - Betsy Melchers, Budapest, Hungary, 2018 participant

“I don't even know how to do justice to explain how India and all those I've met and Art for Change have changed me internally and enlarged my heart.  It was amazing!  Art for Change cares for artists in a relational, real, and organic way and I fully support and respect their approach.  It was an absolute wonderment to be able to be a part of the residency and then continue the artistic journey with my new friends!!” - Elyce Elder, Indianapolis, 2018 participant

“Doing life with these people, especially the Indian residents, caused us to grow closer together, and go from simply ‘co-residents’ to friends. Another aspect of these formed relationships was the artistic ‘mirror,’ meaning that by getting so close to these other artists—seeing their work, watching them work, their process, hearing them talk about work—became a clear indicator of how ‘other’ you were in comparison. At times this was scary (“I don't know if I fit in here....”), but in the end it was very validating.” – David Hicks, Indianapolis, 2018 participant

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Dates: Feb 23 - Mar 8, 2020

Place: New Delhi, India

Theme: ‘What to do with Difference?’ - Art and Artist as Bridge

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