International Artist Residency 2018

Dates: Nov 18-Dec 2, 2018

Place: New Delhi, India

Theme: 'The Simplicity of Being' - Identity & Personhood in a Complex World

International Artist Residency 2018, New Delhi from Nov 18 to Dec 2, 2018.  The Exhibition was held Dec 1-7, 2018 at AIFACS Gallery, 1 Rafi Marg, New Delhi.

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'The Simplicity of Being' - Identity & Personhood in a Complex World

The artist’s work is the overflow of the artist’s Person. If the Person of the artist is incomplete then his or her work is incomplete, it will lack genuineness and poetry.

In order to arrive at the ground where we find ourselves to be ‘that Person’ we have to be honest, walking truthfully, ready to be simple, overcoming pride and pretense.  This is what some call authenticity. 

In this regard the path of the artist is painful, but also adventurous, poetic, prophetic.

This is the way the artist finds his or her voice. It may be a timid and small voice.  But it is strong in the world, because it speaks from the innermost.  It is honest.  And if it is honest the artist’s work will be honest.

A good exercise that navigates us through this lifelong process of becoming that Person is dealing with simplicity, striving to understand the simple which is at the core of complexities.  It has to do with truth, truthfulness, honesty, transparency, reality, living in congruence with who we are.

The rediscovery of simplicity and the grace of Personhood will become an important response to the challenges of today’s world which is growing ever more complicated.

This artist residency will explore the idea of Personhood and Identity as it relates to the artist, their practice, and specific social/technological contexts.

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