What we do

Art for Change Foundation is a New Delhi-based arts organization founded with the conviction that art plays a profound role in exploring questions about human dignity and the common good for society. Art for Change has a vision to see art shape society with beauty and truth and a heart to see artists find their place in society and flourish.  We do this through creating spaces for art to be created, for artists to grow professionally with an understanding of social and public concerns, for the public to meaningfully engage with the art created, and for the people whose issues we paint about--and whose lives we get inspired by--to benefit. Our international residencies further aim to create collaborative & supportive cross-cultural interactions that result in new learning for all involved as well as long-term friendships.  

Art for Change has its genesis in four artist-friends meeting in a New Delhi apartment in 2004 to spend a week together painting about society. That combination of reflection, creativity, and community was so stimulating we just kept on going, and eventually in 2008 birthed an arts organization. Now in our 10th year of official existence we have run 24 artist residencies (6 of which have been the annual International Artist Residency), held 56 exhibitions for audiences ranging from people on the streets of New Delhi to Members of Parliament, and run art workshops on a regular basis for some of our city's most vulnerable citizens.  We have launched the monthly Delhi Artist Studio Tour to promote emerging yet struggling young artists, run Art Melas to "make beauty affordable" for the middle classes while supporting artists in the process, and hold Art Classes and Workshops among other activities that result in art playing its positive, life-giving role in society.